"Crisis management is the art of anticipation"

Remlu, Inc. has emerged as a leading provider of organizational emergency preparedness planning, exercise development and delivery, and executive-level education. With a focus on enhancing organizational preparedness, the firm is dedicated to the development of realistic, understandable, and cost-effective emergency preparedness solutions.

Clients include public agencies, private corporations and Fortune 100 and Global 500 companies.

Members of Remlu's core consortium include preparedness professionals who have developed plans at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.  The core team has had over 150 years combined experience in emergency response, crisis management, business continuity, and strategic decision-making.  Many members of the team have had the experience of implementing the plans they developed.

Our members understand the nuances of preparedness planning and never forget the needs of our clients or the realities of emergency preparedness.
August 2014