Tom C. Ulmer has over 20 years experience in emergency preparedness training, planning, operations, analysis, and feedback systems. He has developed and implemented training programs across the spectrum of military, interagency, and multinational operations, covering a variety of areas which include security, emergency response, information management, homeland security, and homeland defense.  He has facilitated training and exercises from the first responder through senior leader levels.  His experience covers the spectrum from small group functional training to larger, plenary style, academic education.  Mr. Ulmer holds a bachelors degree in psychology from West Virginia University and is a Department of Defense certified Joint Specialty Officer.  Mr. Ulmer continues to provide subject matter expertise and training throughout the United States via the National Guard's Joint Task Force Headquarters and State Headquarters training programs and has recent extensive experience developing and implementing web-based and distance learning training.  Mr. Ulmer is currently involved in Remlu's public-private preparedness standards and certification initiatives.
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