Remlu, Inc. Continues its Growth

New York, January 12th, 2013.  Remlu, Inc., a leader in emergency preparedness planning, education, training, and exercise development and delivery has recorded record revenues once again during 2012, with revenues continuing to increase over the previous year.

"Our model is working well; we are continuing to grow at a steady and sustained rate, being careful to ensure quality services to our clients," reported Walter Ulmer, Remlu, Inc. president.  "We have been able to become increasingly selective in our client base, ensuring cost-effective and tailored long-term crisis management planning and exercise programs for our clients."

"Remlu's original vision was to develop a consulting business which embodied all of the best aspects of high-end consulting:  integrity, expertise, flexibility and responsiveness to clients.  Our vision included the important aspect of ensuring that our consultants who participated in acquiring the business with a particular client remained engaged with that client throughout the life of the agreement.  This approach has worked well for us and guarantees our clients have the expertise and experience promised to them during the proposal process."

"As we look forward to 2013 our foundations for success have not changed; we remain dedicated to providing our clients top-tier services at fiscally prudent prices."
August 2014