"Plans are nothing.

                Planning is everything."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

What makes Remlu, Inc. different? We provide services based on three core tenets:

1. Organizations must participate in developing their emergency plans: without participation, the plan is not their own.

2. The likelihood of success in an emergency depends on the breadth and depth of an organization's understanding of its plan; effective plans must be inculcated throughout the organization.

3. Plan education, training and exercises should comprise the largest part of the preparedness effort.


Collaborative emergency planning is vital and our planning programs require organizational participation.  

Assisted by our facilitators, organizations undergo a planning process, normally culminating with a series of education, training and validation exercises. This inclusive process involves key organizational staff and results in an enhanced preparedness posture, where more of the organization's members understand the plan, the decisions behind the plan, and their respective roles and responsibilities during plan implementation.